Editing & Compositing

Adobe After Effects®



Cinema 4D's ‘Live 3D Pipeline’ with Adobe After Effects is unmatched. With Adobe After Effects CC you can import, modify and render Cinema 4D projects natively within After Effects' interface via Cineware - and that's just the tip of the iceberg. You can also export After Effects project files directly from Cinema 4D complete with layered multi-pass and animated 3D solids.

  • After Effects CC treats Cinema 4D files just like footage through Cineware
  • Render Cinema 4D scenes directly in After Effects
  • Work simultaneously with the same Cinema 4D file in After Effects and Cinema 4D
  • Compositing passes and layers
  • On-demand multi-pass rendering
  • Render multi-pass to a layered After Effects project file
  • 3D navigation of Cinema 4D scenes within After Effects
  • Bring Cinema 4D cameras, lights and Null objects into After Effects
  • Cinema 4D Lite included in Adobe After Effects CC offers all important basic functions to create 3D content

The Cineware workflow: http://www.cineversity.com/vidplaylist/cineware_party


The Foundry NUKE

Cinema 4D can render a NUKE project file completely with proper node structure.

  • Multi-channel EXR Support
  • Position and Normal passes
  • Transfer cameras, lights and geometry via FBX

Final Cut Pro & Motion

Cinema 4D can generate multi-layered Final Cut Pro 7 project files with just a few clicks.

  • Multi-channel blend modes in Final Cut Pro 7
  • Export lights, cameras and object location data to Motion

Blackmagic Design Fusion


Instantly render Fusion compositions with Cinema 4D

  • Render Cinema 4D animations to multi-pass Fusion files
  • Transfer cameras, lights and geometry via FBX