Render Engines

Cinema 4D's built-in Advanced and Physical render engines produce fast and beautiful results but they are not the only options for Cinema 4D artists. You can also use Cinema 4D in concert with many world-class 3rd-party render engines and leverage their unique strengths for your projects.


Arnold's highly respected global illumination ray tracer now works inside Cinema 4D. The C4DtoA plugin bridges the two applications so that Cinema 4D artists have direct access to Arnold's advanced rendering capabilities.


Art And Animation studio

FurryBall's lightning-fast and high-quality GPU rendering engine directly supports Cinema 4D.


Next Limit
Maxwell Render

Maxwell Render provides an excellent photorealistic rendering solution that directly supports Cinema 4D.

Octane Render

Octane Render for Cinema 4D brings the GPU based, un-biased, physically-based renderer into Cinema 4D's interface.

Solid Iris Technologies
Thea Render

Thea Render's state-of-the-art biased, unbiased and GPU rendering capabilities are available within Cinema 4D via connection plugin. Thea Render works with Cinema 4D's Interactive Render Region and provides its own integrated darkroom that reacts to user input with impressive speed. Thea provides materials you can drag-and-drop into your scene from a Cinema 4D library file. Additionally, Thea Render supports all forms of Cinema 4D's instancing, Team Render and native shaders with automatic texture baking.



High Quality Realtime Rendering for Design, Animation and Visualization U-RENDER is based on the latest advancements in realtime rendering and integrates into traditional rendering pipelines. Achieving high quality rendering results in milliseconds, U-RENDER is the ideal solution for look development, design ideation and creative experimentation. It provides stunning results that can be used to accelerate the creative process, delivering high quality results suitable as final image. U-RENDER helps to dramatically reduce iteration times and allows for cost savings in both hardware investments and energy consumption.


Chaos Group

VRAYforC4D enables you to achieve gorgeous lighting and image quality using V-Ray directly in Cinema 4D with a ‘Cinema 4D-like’ workflow. V-Ray integrates beautifully with Cinema 4D in a vast amount of ways. V-Ray uses native Cinema 4D lights by automatically transforming them in to V-Ray physical lights. It can render instances of any Cinema 4D generator on the fly. Additionally, VRAYforC4D supports MoGraph, Thinking Particles, HAIR and much more.