Équipe de Direction de Maxon

Le but de Maxon a toujours été d'offrir une "3D pour le monde réel" – et nous travaillons dur pour atteindre cet objectif. Notre équipe dirigeante dynamique et passionnée pilote les initiatives opérationnelles dédiées à servir au mieux les utilisateurs et les partenaires partout dans le monde, anticipe les besoins toujours renouvelés de la communauté de la création digitale, et œuvre à maintenir Cinema 4D à une position de leader dans le milieu de la création de contenus 3D.

David McGavran

Chief Executive Officer

David McGavran joined Maxon in July, 2018. The internationally experienced executive comes with extensive expertise and a large network in the Media and Entertainment industry, having worked 20 years in different roles at Adobe. His last position at Adobe Systems was Director of Engineering – Professional Audio and Video. David has considerable experience working with broadcasters, post production houses and film editors around the world.


Philip Losch

Chief Technology Architect

Philip is one of the creative forces behind Cinema 4D, which he invented back in 1989 together with his brother, Christian. In his new role as chief technology architect he will guide, direct and drive all technical aspects of development.


Oliver Meiseberg

Chief Product Officer

Oliver joined Maxon in 2011 after working for leading German broadcasters and media production houses. He has a keen understanding of the needs of artists in a post-production environment and is focused on making sure Maxon products are shaped with a customer-centric emphasis. Though he works on various areas of the business, he is ultimately responsible for all aspects of product and potential M&A activities.

Paul Babb

Head of Worldwide Marketing

In 1998, Paul founded the US office for Maxon and introduced Cinema 4D to the North and South American markets. His strategic planning and marketing expertise are widely credited for taking Cinema 4D from a virtual unknown to one of the most widely-used 3D products for digital content creation and the leader in 3D motion graphics. In his new role as head of worldwide Marketing, he will expand his focus to serve and support the global Cinema 4D community.


Friederike Bruckert,

Head of Worldwide Sales

As VP of international sales and marketing, Friederike has successfully expanded Maxon's distribution chain and delivered significant year-over-year growth, including more than 20% in EMEA and Asia Pacific. With over 20 years of experience in marketing and sales, she is known for her passionate customer focus and great understanding of local markets. In her new role, Friederike is responsible for managing the company's worldwide sales team and sales partner network.


Gesa Häfner

Head of Human Resources and Legal

Gesa joined Maxon in 2014 with more than 12 years of professional experience in the HR sector and as corporate lawyer. She is responsible for worldwide HR, Legal and employee experience. Gesa is leading the staffing and hiring needs of the company through this exciting time of globalization and considerable expansion of the Maxon family.


Karsten Jancke, Director of Software Engineering:

Director of Engineering

Karsten is passionate about and has been working in software development for over 20 years. He started his career as a part-time developer while finishing his master’s degree in electrical engineering at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany. He joined IBM in 2001, first as a developer and ultimately as software development manager. In 2015, he joined Maxon as Director of Engineering.


Dieter Bothof

Director of IT

Dieter began his career at Maxon in 2010 as IT Director, responsible for technological infrastructure in Germany. He is thrilled to take on the challenge and bring his knowledge of more than 20 years to the global needs of all Maxon offices worldwide.