Selling/Buying Guidelines

Guidelines for buyers and sellers of Maxon Computer software on
online auction platforms (eBay, etc.) or via direct sales

Because buyers are often victims of fraudulent auctions we would like to present both buyers and sellers with transaction guidelines for selling and purchasing. These guidelines can also be applied to transactions with private parties and direct sales.


Seller Guidelines

Which information should I supply in my offer?
The Release version you are selling.
List the complete name and Release number that is on the DVD that you are selling.

What is included in the offer?
Provide an exact description of what is included such as DVD, accompanying material and previous Release versions.
Provide images of what is included. This will also help sell your product!

Additional things to be aware of when selling
Note that you must inform Maxon Computer in writing of the sale of software if you already registered the license sold with us.
This is necessary so we can transfer the license to the new owner.
To this end we have supplied a template that you can download, complete and submit to Maxon Computer. Please note: a license transfer fee may apply.

Download Template

Make the buyer aware of the terms and conditions. These can also be downloaded below.

If the buyer wants proof of authenticity you can provide him/her with your full name and the first 11 numbers of the software's serial number, which the potential buyer can verify with Maxon Computer.
Supplying the first 11 numbers of your serial number poses no security risk for you because these numbers have no relevance without the remaining digits. Furthermore, we do not supply ANY private information to other parties.
This verification process can also help sell your product and might even help achieve a higher price!

Please note, that you cannot sell an older Release version that you upgraded to a newer Release version. The current license and all previous licenses for which one or more upgrades were made are all part of the current license. Selling these separately is not possible.
Please refer to the Maxon terms and conditions for additional information.

You upgraded your R17 to R18. You can only sell the Release 18 and must also include all items from your Release 17 in your sale because the R17 license is also a component of the R18 license to which you upgraded.

Also note that a volume license (Maxon License Server [MLS]) can only be sold as a whole, i.e., all licenses included in the MLS must be sold. Please refer to the Maxon terms and conditions for additional information.

If you are unsure on how to proceed, please contact your local Maxon distributor for assistance.

Also contact us if you are a Maxon Service Agreement customer and are planning on selling your software. In this case the Maxon Service Agreement has to be cancelled as it is non-tranferable.

Our technical support department is available for your inquires Monday through Friday during regular office hours.

Release versions that cannot be re-sold are

  • Cinema 4D Student License
  • NFR (Not For Resale) versions
  • Beta versions
  • Educational versions

Buyer Guidelines

Make sure the information listed above is provided by the seller!

If the offer includes the following or similar information you should exercise caution:


  • The seller provides a download link to the Maxon website
  • The software will be delivered on a DVD-R or USB stick
  • Only serial numbers are being sold


Maxon only offers the demo version of its software as a download on its Website. Full versions of Maxon's software can be downloaded via its password-protected web portal, ePortfolio. You can contact your local Maxon reseller for detailed information.

Contact the seller directly regarding his/her offer. If the offer is legitimate, the seller will be happy to supply detailed information including the first 11 digits of the serial number.

If you have doubts about the legitimacy of a seller's offer, please contact your local Maxon distributor immediately!
Our technical support department is available for your inquires Monday through Friday during regular office hours.
If you should run across a questionable offer over the weekend, please disregard it.

It pays to invest a little more time and money in making sure you purchase legitimate software. Otherwise you might end up with software you can't use or an illegal version - with no means of recourse!